Sunday, 27 February 2011

moored at sawley

hi well we set of Saturday morning from Fridays night mooring it was raining but the flood warning was amber so we said we set off and see what it is like once through the lock we moved onto the river Trent which was ok under the M1 and then into Sawley cut and through Sawley flood lock no1 still ok ,when we got to the Sawley lock there was a sign saying river soar in flood so we were working out what to do next when the lock keeper came out and told us it was unsafe to go on and the best thing to is turn round and moor up on the 48hour moorings and wait for the weather to sort out hope not long ,so here we are moored up with nowhere to go at mo , Sunday morning we went over to sawley marina to do some washing and went to the The old marina restaurant for lunch (good value meal )
back to Go for it to watch rugby and a nice afternoon sleep

sun rise over Radcliffe power station

go for it moored at sawley

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