Sunday, 13 February 2011

first days trips

Friday 11th Feb we moved onto the boat. really good to be on go for it. Chris even come to help us load all our things on board.

Saturday the day we set off. well once we managed to get out of the marina!!!!!!! nice sunny day a little nervous but off we go.
our first big test braunston tunnel 2042 yds long dark and wet,and there is a bend half way through! Colin did well only hit one boat. moored up between the tunnel and top lock number 6.

nearing the end of Braunston tunnel

Tina first day

first day on the canal

were we moored up Saturday's night

going through lock 2

first nights mooring

Friday night at welton fields
Sunday well very windy. and 6 locks to do? the wind really got hold of the boat in places. now its my turn to put a dent in the boat. sorry guys you worked so hard. and we have already scratched and dented her. so tonight we have moored up near braunston marina. nice to see pip and boys today, thanks for lunch x x x. 


  1. Way to go guys. So happy for you!
    Bon Voyage!

  2. Boat looks fantastic, scars just add character! So great to see you're actually using it and not tiptoeing around! Hope you're having fun, very jealous! Squeezy x

  3. thanks for the comments guys

    hope to see you soon


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